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De greatest fossil fairs of
Belgium and The Netherlands

  • What is PaleoTime?

PaleoTime is the name a paleontological event that is organized twice a year in Belgium and the Netherlands.
PaleoTime is the place for everyone who "collects and studies fossils".

  • Calendar 2023

  • Saturday, 22th of April 2023 : PaleoTime NL (The Netherlands)
  • EXPO HOUTEN, Meidoornkade 24, Houten, Netherlands.
    Click here for more info.

  • Sunday, 12th of November 2023 : PaleoTime BE (Belgium)
  • De MIXX, Asbroek 1a, 2230 HERSELT, Belgium
    from 10h00 till 17h00 - Free Entrance.

    This leisure center is located in a side street of the road to Herentals (Herentalsesteenweg). Attention: This is a new road, it is not present on older GPS devices.

    • Fossil Fair

    A fossil for young and old. From a nice gadget to a beautiful museum piece. PaleoTime offers a very diverse and varied range, from ammonites and trilobites to shark teeth and dinosaur bones, from recent to antiquarian reading and identification books, scientific literature, preparation material, hammers, storage boxes, stands, ... and above all a lot of useful tips & tricks.

    PaleoTime has it all !!!

    Only fossils and geological material are allowed.
    Minerals, shells, jewels, corals, ivory, archaeological artefacts, forgeries, recent material etc. are strictly prohibited.

    • Prepping demonstrations

    TriloLab's skilled fossil preparators will demonstrate how to free a 270-million-year-old trilobite from the rock. They will also answer all your questions about preparation techniques.

    • Literature & Antiquarian Books

    At PaleoTime, quite a few exhibitors provide a particularly wide range of scientific and vulgar literature. Several exhibitors are established names in the world of old and antiquarian books. Seize your chance to get hold of that rare publication.

    • Geological tools

    Geological tools, preparation materials, magnifying glasses, hammers, chisels, storage boxes, standards, …
    PaleoTime has it all!

    • Informative Lectures

    PaleoTime also wants to stimulate the mutual exchange of experience and knowledge, both among collectors and between collectors and scientists. That is why we also hold a series of lectures during the fair, the PaleoTime Lectures.

    Three short (30 min) powerful and above all fascinating lectures on an active scientific topic brought by eloquent scientists and / or citizen-scientists at a very intelligible level.

    • Animation for children

    While you are quietly walking around the fair or attending a lecture, our enthusiastic animation team will keep your kids busy.
    The youngest can enjoy themselves with color pens and balloons. The handy harry's can make beautiful replicas of ammonites or other fossils.


    Do not forget to take a photo with our dinosaur !!!

    • Is this a fossil?

    Do you have a fossil at home of which you would like to know what it is?
    Or do you want to know how old it is and from which period?
    Show it to our experts. They can undoubtedly give you more information.

    • Cafeteria & brasserie

    In our cafeteria, you can check out your latest acquisitions along with a cup of coffee or a nice beer. Various sandwiches and cakes are also on the menu.

    Brasserie "De Mixx" offers a wide range of drinks, sandwiches, salads, pasta, meat and fish dishes.

    • Exhibitor

    If you want to participate as an exhibitor, you need to register in advance.

    Inschrijven als standhouder kan via dit formulier.

    • Organization

    • PaleoTime is a great organization that is only possible through the collaboration of various associations and thanks to the help of many volunteers.

      • HONA vzw

      • HONA vzw is since long a loyal partner of PaleoTime. Their dynamic team provides logistical
        support and the children's entertainment.

      • Stichting Paleontica (ex. fossiel.net)

      • Already from the first edition Paleontica was involved in the organization of the fair.
        The Paleontica Foundation is also the main organizer of PaleoTime Netherlands.

      • TriloLab

      • Trilolab is a collective dedicated to all aspects of trilobites. They are not an
        academic research lab, but a working group that shares knowledge and collaborates
        with both amateurs and professionals.

      • Paleobiologische Kring

      • The Paleobiologische Kring strives for close cooperation between the scientific world
        and the amateurs.
        They organize the fascinating and well-attended PaleoTime Lectures and they are
        happy to identify all your finds.

      • Erfgoedcel Herselt

      • The "Erfgoedcel Herselt" is the local anchorage of PaleoTime. They provide the logistical
        support. In addition to conducting a great deal of historical research, they also manage
        the local paleontological collections.

      • Palaeontologica Belgica

      • Palaeontologica Belgica is a scientific research organisation that actively promotes,
        supports, and protects Belgian paleontology in all its facets.

      • TriloBase

      • Trilobase is the number 1 database for your fossils, minerals and artifacts collection

        Trilobase is undoubtedly one of the best database programs for managing your
        fossil collection. Here are some features:
        ☞ The number of fossils, minerals and artifacts is only limited only by the size of your drive
        ☞ Add up to 99 photo's per item
        ☞ Print different types of labels
        ☞ Taxonomic tables are included
        ☞ Collecting sites with link to bing maps
        ☞ The program is available in several languages including Dutch, English,
        French, Spanish, Italian and German.
        ☞ Organize your fossils in groups
        ☞ Locate your fossils in the storage section
        ☞ International geological table and paleogeographical globes included
        ☞ Import/export CSV and XLSX
        ☞ For windows PC

        Trilobase is partner and main sponsor of the Paleotime-BE event.
        For more info : https://www.trilobase.com